CamelBak® Reengineers Innovative Insulated Sport Bottle

The revolutionary Podium® Ice returns to the

CamelBak® Podium lineup after a three-year development project to reinvent the best-in-class

insulated bottle. Constructed with aerogel insulation, Podium Ice keeps water cold four times

longer than standard sport bottles, now features a higher flow rate and is easier to squeeze and


Since the line launched in 2009, amateur and professional athletes, including the

Garmin-Sharp professional cycling team, continue to prefer Podium bottles for training and

racing. Reengineered for 2014, Podium Ice holds 21 ounces of fluid and is made from BPA-free

TruTastepolypropylene. Protected by HydroGuard, the taste-free bottle inhibits the growth of

bacteria that can cause odors, discoloration and deterioration.

Like all Podium bottles, Podium Ice features CamelBak’s proprietary Jet Valve

technology. The recently redesigned, self-sealing Jet Valve nozzle has a larger diameter to

deliver a higher flow rate and is removable to make cleaning easier. Greater bottle wall flexibility

increases the flow rate and reduces the amount of pressure needed to activate the Jet Valve,

while a larger lock-out toggle allows athletes to easily close the nozzle for leak-proof transport.

“Research shows that cold beverages positively impact athletic performance in hot and

humid conditions, so we wanted to offer a sport bottle that keeps liquids cold for an extended

amount of time,” said Jon Austen, Senior Director of Product Management at CamelBak. “Our

Podium Ice bottle had a large fan base from its launch in 2010, and we’re excited to bring back

an even more technically advanced product.”

Podium Ice is lightweight, fits in most bicycle cages and features a velocity design with

smooth lines for an ergonomic grip. Dishwasher-safe and covered by the CamelBak Got Your

BakLifetime Guarantee, Podium Ice is available in three colors: Silver, Crimson and Electric