These patented lubricants are engineered using turbostratic platelets of ceramic boron nitride and low molecular weight fluoropolymers. The nano-sized platelets wet out on the metal surface to create a super durable coating that gets progressively more protective as additional applications are applied.
When used regularly, a ceramic lubricant will significantly extend the useful life of components and it will ensure maximum drivetrain efficiency. Ceramic lubricants are a great choice for high-end bicycles and racing enthusiasts.



Ceramic WAX™ is an advanced wax-based lubricant featuring nano-sized platelets of ceramic boron nitride and micron particles of fluoropolymer that build a ceramic coating on frictional surfaces. Every time Ceramic WAX is applied, the ceramic coating is enhanced, and ultimately this wax
film will be as durable as many oil based lubricants! With Ceramic WAX there is no ‘wetness’ or stickiness on your chain or parts. It sets up as a dry wax, so dirt or grime are not attracted or absorbed by the lubricant. Ceramic WAX is perfect for dry and dusty conditions. By avoiding abrasive wear, parts run smoother and last much longer! The technology that defines Ceramic WAX is so unique and leading edge it’s patented!



Ceramic WET™ is Finish Line’s most advanced and most effective racing lubricant. This wet-style full synthetic lubricant is enhanced with nano-sized
platelets of boron nitride and micron particles of fluoropolymer that build a ceramic coating on the frictional surfaces of a drivetrain to smooth and quiet their action. Ceramic WET’s extreme durability, amazing smoothness and ultimate quietness ensures maximum drivetrain efficiency! Although Ceramic WET is often used as a “race-day” lubricant, with proper attention to chain cleanliness, it can be used as an every-day lubricant as well.



It is called “Ceramic Grease” because it is formulated with sub-micron particles of boron nitride (ceramic). Enhanced with fluoropolymers and non-toxic synthetic oils. This high-end grease will optimize the performance and efficiency of bearings. As bearings become coated with ceramic particles, friction and heat are dissipated. Bearings last longer and run more smoothly. Excellent on stems & posts as well as cables and threaded assemblies.